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Are you ready for a full body makeover?

You can now strengthen, sculpt, tone
and stretch every single muscle in
30 minutes or less with...


WaterGym Weight Loss & Strengthening


Get ready to:
Welcome to WaterGym - A Fun, Effect Water Aerobic Workout! Reduce Body Fat
Welcome to WaterGym - A Fun, Effect Water Aerobic Workout! Burn 300-800 calories per hour (depending on intensity)
Welcome to WaterGym - A Fun, Effect Water Aerobic Workout! Tone & Build Lean Muscle
Welcome to WaterGym - A Fun, Effect Water Aerobic Workout! Strengthen Abdominal Muscles
Welcome to WaterGym - A Fun, Effect Water Aerobic Workout! Increase Flexibility
Welcome to WaterGym - A Fun, Effect Water Aerobic Workout! Improve Posture & Alignment

3-Part Workout System includes:
WaterGym Weight Loss & Strengthening DVD / Video
Welcome to WaterGym - A Fun, Effect Water Aerobic Workout! Instructional DVD (50 min)
          Above & underwater footage clearly demonstrating
          all 20 exercises & variations.
Welcome to WaterGym - A Fun, Effect Water Aerobic Workout! Music Workout CD (73 min) *Listen to MUSIC below!
          With inspiring music & Susanne's verbal instructions.
          BONUS 30 mins of extra music at the end!
Welcome to WaterGym - A Fun, Effect Water Aerobic Workout! Poolside Waterproof Cue Card
          12 panels of color photographs display all 20 exercises,
          on a free-standing waterproof card that is easy to see.

Are you selective abour your workout music?
Listen to samples of every song on our Workout CD.
Simply click on any track below!

WaterGym Water Aerobic Weights
Hi, Susanne again...
Everyone asks about the music on our Workout CD, so below are short clips of all songs.
Our CD contains 26 tracks. The first 18 have my verbal cues to guide your workout. Then 8 songs (ones with the *) are repeated at the end of the CD as music only, without cues. I would've repeated all songs without cues, but CD's are only 73 minutes long, so there wasn't room!
Skip around to hear the variety. Every song is VERY different (being a musician, I searched music libraries around the world). And make sure to watch the short video below that shows how fun & easy it is to use our workout system!


Slow gentle warm up. The pace picks up next song!

Exercise *1 & 2
Here we go with bicycle legs and breast stroke arms!

Exercise *3 & 4
Driving music for traveling through the pool.

Exercise *5 & 6
Driving music for traveling with an ethnic flair.

Exercise *7 & 8
This song sounds slow, but the moves are large and powerful so it's a perfect pace.

Exercise *9
Now we stay stationary with our sweeping power moves.

Exercise *10
Jazzy funk for kick-boxing!

Exercise *11
Acoustical guitar.

Exercise *12
Sugar Daddy is the name of this fun 50's song!

Exercise 13
Driving marching song for another power move.

Exercise 14
Soulful and fun.... this is a free for all where you can groove to the music!

Exercise 15
Bright, lively and uplifting.

Exercise 16
This funky song is one of my favorites. The fans cheer you on!

Exercise 17
Beautiful song for your abdominal workout.

Exercise 18
Etherial and soothing for your side crunches.

Exercise 19 & 20
Inspiring! A great song to end your workout.

Warm Down
Our signature song for warm down & stretches & second meditative song at the end.

WaterGym Weight Loss & Strengthening DVD / Video

This DVD kit is a perfect addition to your
water aerobics exercise workout or water therapy program.

WaterGym Weight Loss & Strengthening DVD / Video
Click on this video above
to SEE HOW FUN & EASY it is to use our DVD kit!


What Others Say About WaterGym®
Read below or click here to see LIVE video testimonials
“This video is excellent! It is not just excellent... it's excellent in every way. The introduction is beautiful with excellent footage. The separation of the concepts into four parts is explained so well. The production is professional, the material well-researched, and the delivery is wonderful. I'm just totally impressed with the video package and recommend it for all aquatic fitness and therapy practioners and participants."
Ruth Sova, President
Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute
Founder of the Aquatic Exercise Association

"I LOVE my video & belt...anymore tapes coming out? My body has gotten sooo toned & energized with just 6 weeks of WATERGYM! Thanks so much."
C.G., Astoria, New York

"I have been using your progam in my swimming pool for over four months now. I try to work out five to six days a week. I have lost 30 pounds so far and I am now pain free from my osteoarthritis in my knees. I am hoping that you will produce a another cd/dvd with more exercises and music, just to add some variety. I look forward to hearing from you."
K.S., Sunnyvale, California

"Hi! I just purchased your WaterGym video and it is wonderful!!! I'm looking forward to more videos from your company! I've learned so much."
M.C., West Valley City,Utah

"Hi, Susanne. I own about 30 aqua exercise videos produced by other organizations, but when I watched your Weight Loss and Strengthening video the other night, I never felt more impressed by excellence in photo clarity, underwater photography, audio explanations of body positions, and a work-out program second to none. You and your crew, Susanne, produced a most beautiful video from start to finish. I could almost smell the Tiburon salt air. I felt that I was in the pool with all of you. You are a gift to the profession, an inspiration to me, and I look forward to your other productions. The only word that came to mind after the video ended was "WOW!"
C.A., Grants Pass, Oregon

"I want to thank you for creating the WaterGym video. I have injuries to both of my knees and the WaterGym video workout is a great way for me to stay fit. The deep water exercise is much better for me since I need to reduce as much impact as possible on my knees. I especially like the tempo, the vocal cueing and variety. Do you have any other video/CD workouts? I workout most every day and I would like to have a companion to WaterGym. Thanks for your time."
S.B., Jackson, Missouri

"This is just great I am just learning all of this. Thank you so much. I believe this is an answered prayer for me."
M.A., Miami, Florida

"I LOVE WATERGYM. Always looking for new products to stave off boredom. I have severe rhumatoid arthritis and do the complete WaterGym workout 7 days a week. I have become so much stronger and healthier since starting this program. I have recommended it to friends."
S.G., Elkton, Florida

"As I look at the changes in my body, the motivation is incredible. I have come full circle back to my water roots in my childhood. Many Many THANKS!!!"
J.C., Miami, Florida

"Just love your deep water video. I plan on incorporating it into my deep water classes."
J.B., Troy, New York

"I have used your belts and my clients love them. I recently tried a new class using your Weight Loss & Strengthening program. It is easy to use, the class is successful, and the combination of video, CD, and waterproof placard make teaching the class enjoyable. We are having fun, the moves are safe, and I highly recommend the program. WaterGym has reliable products."
B.C., Vero Beach, Florida

"Thank you SO much for your awesome CD. I LOVE it. You did a wonderful job designing it. I am letting all of my clients know about it."
M.L., Ventura,California

"I ordered your Weight Loss & Strengthening video and just got around to viewing it today! What a Great Video!!! I've been teaching aqua for 10 years and have seen just about everything, including lots of moves on your video. However, your presentation added some variations I had done in the past and forgotten...as well as some new combinations that I just hadn't tried yet. Great photography too. As an ACE & AEA certified instructor, I'll be incorporating some of your sequences in my private sessions as well as my regular classes. Could you tell me how do you become a WaterGym Instructor?"
J.M.-D., Costa Mesa, California

"I thoroughly enjoy your WaterGym Program and will begin teaching here in Botswana in a few weeks. In May 2006, I brought 8 WaterGym belts back to Africa with me. I am eager to begin expanding upon the choreography used in your routine and to eventually integrate other music. As you know, it really is like dancing without gravity!! I will let you know how the class progresses. Water excercise is a wonderful alternative here where the temperatures are near 100 degrees F in the summer months and very dry. Thanks for your wonderful work. Sincerely, R.B. yoga teacher, dancer and deep water excercise lover!"
R.B., Gaborone, Botswana, Africa

"My life is being changed by doing your water workout!"
B.K., Franklin, Tennessee

"It is great, it is great!"
A.M., Skopje, Massachusetts

"Just a quick note to say what a great job you did in producing the best
video I have viewed for aquatics. What a neat package with such good information and visual representations. I have been using some of your ideas in my deep classes at present, but now am going to incorporate much more. Let me know when you have the next installment available. Thanks for taking the time and energy to produce this wonderful video package. I know many others feel the same way!! Congratulations.”
K.W., Waitfiedl, Vermont

"I just viewed your video and materials. They are excellent, and some of the best training materials I've seen! If it's ok with you, I'd like to show it to my entire water exercise staff. Thanks for a great product! Please let me know when you offer training and clinics."
D.S., Seattle, Washington

"Susanne, I am writing to congratulate you on the video. I know that it took a long time to produce and it is an amazing accomplishment and you should be very proud of yourself. I am proud of you and just wanted you to know that. Also that I have enjoyed so very much all the classes and teachers you have trained and will never forget your sweet smile and soft voice. WaterGym is the BEST exercise ever and when I get back to Marin from time to time, I will drop in for a class. Thanks!"
D.H., San Rafael,California


"Your video has inspired me like no other. I am thrilled!"
D.M., Alabama

"Never before have I seen a water exercise video with such beautiful footage. And the music on the workout CD is so fantastic. I can't wait to get into my pool to workout with you. Thank you Susanne and all of your fabulous team!"
L.L., Arizona

"This fourth we had a family reunion in Dallas, TX. My sister from California came and she told us about your program. I am very impressed as I noticed how firm she is! I really want to participate.”
D.B., San Antonio, Texas

“I have been using a large part of your exercises regime in my advanced deep water workout. I had to modify just a little bit due to the age and ability of my audience (mostly seniors). In the fall I am moving to the evenings to a younger crowd that I did a sub class for several weeks ago. I was called at the last minute, upped the intensity of my "senior advanced workout" and the ladies went nuts. They absolutely loved it. Thank you, thank you and let me know when the training sessions become available!”
C.S., Salem, New Jersey

“No wonder you are listed on Best of the Bay.”
S., California

“We have spoken by phone, e-mailed and I have your video and my co-instructor, D.Y., has also spoken to you. The video was an absolute lifesaver for us. We have introduced your stationery moves to all our classes, and the moves are a hit! I want to thank you so much. As you told me when we spoke, don't give up. I admit that I was about to, but when I saw the video, I knew it would work for our larger classes. If you ever want to spread WaterGym to Colorado, let us know.”
S.J., Thorton, Colorado

“I am a scuba diving instructor, water fitness and swimming instructor and I have been using your water gym program with my participants and they really have fun it and are seeing results. I would like to know when are you planing to have courses, I would like to learn more from you and also if you are planning a retreat in Miami, please let me know, I will love to work with you and be part of your program. I am from Colombia, I live in Weston Florida, 1 hour away from Miami. Congratulations for you program and I would love to be part of it and especially bring it to the Latin community.”
C.O., Weston, Florida

“I have been teaching your program since late November and I cannot tell you how popular my class has been! I am interested in getting certified and would like to know if you will be having certification classes in the near future and will there be any educational credits for these classes? Thanks for your contribution to the wellness of the members at Bally's in Greenwood, Indiana.”
E.D., Indianapolis, Indiana

"You have an obvious passion for the water like I. Thanks a bunch . I'm looking forward to your video, I actually just purchased it off a web site. I'm so thrilled about it. Can wait to bring some new refreshing ideas to the class. I watched the clip at that web site. WOW is all I have to say. Can't wait. Thanks again.”
C.Y., Alberta, Cananda

“Recently after resurfacing my pool I decided to take advantage of it. I purchased some equipment and eventually found my way to your latest video, a fine work. I have just got started and found it fantastic. When I found your site I discovered that you started by setting up programs in Northern California. Can you recommend any locations in the Sacramento area which follows your orientation? Your program put a water work out on a much higher plain. Please include us in your e-mail news letter. Thank-you.”
I.B. and D.B., Fair Oaks, California

“I am a deep water instructor for the Great Miami Valley YMCA in Ohio. I was wondering where you do your training. I have seen your new video about Weightloss and Strengthening and want to tell you it is Fantastic! My students love it all!”
J.S., Hamilton, Ohio

“I received the video this week in perfect condition. I had back surgery several years ago. this is the first exercise I can do and it feels wonderful. My back is better and stronger. Thank you for your product.”
A.H., Clewiston, Florida

“THANKS for your good products and excellent videos. Love them all!!!!”
S.R., Galesburg,Ilinois

“Thank you, I'm a big fan of water exercise. I started teaching a class at
Mauna Kea Beach Hotel in 1973!”
B.D., Leander, Texas

“I am an AEA Certified Aquatic Fitness Instructor in Temecula, CA. This summer I was finally able to persuade the city to let me teach a deep water class in one of the high school pools. My class is modeled after WaterGym and your wonderful video. Everyone loves the workout and so do I!!!! I would love to be able to receive further training and choreography tips when they are available. Please keep me in mind. Thank you so much for creating WaterGym!”
B.H., Temecula, California

“A group of our friends are working out following your program. We love it. Were in NY. Please keep me informed about upcoming events. If I come out to the Bay area, would I be able to come to classes during my visit?”
M.H., Astoria, New York

“I love the WaterGym video exercises, when will you do another one, or do you have any additional exercise programs to follow? My daughter and I have tried several aqua videos and your program is SUPER. We live in a rural area and there are no water exercise classes within 50 miles of us so we try different videos. WaterGym is the best. If you have any pamplets, book, or other forms of media that we could learn additional exercises please let me know. Also, my daughter is 8 weeks pregnant, any recommendations for her? She has been doing WaterGym for 5 months and her doctor said water exercise was great, but we notice the video said not to do if you were pregnant. Will any of the exercises be bad in later months or should they be modified? Once again, we love WaterGym and the belt. Any new material would be helpful. Have a great day.”
J.L., Natural Bridge, Virginia

“We are enjoying your WaterGym immensely at our YMCA, the students LOVE it!!!”
B.S., Columbus, Ohio

“I am a instructor on Cape Cod. I purchased your belts and video love many of your moves. Please send me info on instructor trainings ect.”
M.D., West Yarmouth, Massachusetts

“Susanne, I recently purchased your WaterGym set ! I love it! I was wondering and was told that you will be coming out with some new water aerobics programs. Can you tell me how that is going and when your timeline is ? I am very interested in some of your additional things. I have enjoyed your clear and concise explanations and the fantastic laminated water card for the pool. Your music is also awesome ! Please get back with me as soon as you can!”
P.R., Katy, Texas

“I am completely impressed with your company and what a treat that I learned some new exercises from that fabulous video I watched while ordering. I told my whole group on Monday to go on the web site and view (and potentially buy too). It's very hard to find water workout videos that actually show people working hard. Your style was very similar to the way we work...Have a great day.”
J.P., Natick, CA

“I've been instructing a water aerobics class using your water gym workout for about one year. The results have been wonderful.”
A.R., Gahanna, Ohio

“I have used your CD for several years and bought several belts here for the Tampa Bay area. I was most interested in a new CD for water aerobic especially new music. Anything available. I am a patient man for quality and you do a good job.”
L.S., Tampa, Florida

“Please send me any information on your trainings as it becomes available. I currently teach at the YMCA and 24hr. Fitness and feel that your program would greatly benefit my participants. Thanks.”
L.N., Houston, Texas

“Just wanted to tell you that I used the DVD this week at home. I put my outdoor speakers on around the pool and had my own private WaterGym class. If I closed my eyes it was like you were there in my backyard giving a class. It was sooooooo great!!! Also being alone in the water with your helpful reminders about form it helped me to really focus on my form which sometimes is easy to forget when you've done WaterGym for a long time like I have. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the DVD, music instruction, everything was and to say thank you. Hope you have a wonderful summer.”
L.C., San Rafael, California

"Our classes are so successful, we have to have a cut off enrollment. Many are repeat program participants session after session because it is so beneficial. You are the best!!!"
B.S., Columbus, Ohio

“My sister-in-law and I have been using the WaterGym workout for 6 weeks now and are seeing tremendous results! So much so that my husband is interested in starting with us. Thanks so much for providing this wonderful opportunity for health improvement to those of us who are "Land-gym Challenged".”
N.M., Medon, Tennesee

"I was told by my best girlfriend in California that your classes were the best. So I bought your video and now I do WaterGym in my backyard pool. In only a couple of weeks I already feel more trim. Thank you."
L.T., Florida

"I just finished watching the video and completely blown away. What a beautiful, professional, clear job you did. You should be really proud it. I've watched a lot of instructional videos in my field and some are incomprehensible. This is really easy to use and follow. Everything flows nicely. Pat yourself on the back. You did a great job".
D.W., Greenbrae, California

"This looks like an awesome system that I might like to add to my classes, perhaps even creating a new class specifically for this type of training."
A.G., Tyler, Texas

"Looks great! I look forward to trying this out!"
A.C., Lilburn, Georgia

"'I love it' is all I need to say. I do water excersises now because I have RA and used to weigh 397 lbs, but had lap band surgery and can't walk to exercise so I go in the water almost everyday. Wow, now I can really do the real thing. Thanks to you all."
A.B., Alpine, Texas

"Hi. I just discovered your website and am excited to order the video!"
B.L., Cameron Park, California

"I love your website it is very exciting to watch and very motivating!"
B.S., Kearney, Nebraska

"I've been using your water gym belt for almost 6 months now and am loving the exercises. I will be looking forward to the gifts."
B.W., Wilmington, North Carolina

"I'd love to know when you're having training for Water Gym. I'm not anywhere near any of the classes that are offered as I live in Missouri, but have thought about becoming an instructer and spreading the awesomeness to the midwest!"
B.R., Mt. Vernon, Michigan

"Awesome! I received my DVD, CD & Work Out Chart today. I can't wait to get started."
B.D., Sanibel, Florida

"Thank you the wonderful workout charts! I'm really enjoying them."
C.A., Scottsdale, Arizona

"More WaterGym workouts. Using your program 3x week for the last few months...love it! Hope vol 2 is coming out soon."
C.S., Orange Beach, Alabama

"I hurt my knee about a year ago falling on my sons' marble floor in La Jolla, Ca. When I went to the doctor this year after much pain for the entire yr. she said "Total Knee Replacement". Just by doing your exercises everyday I am feeling better. I wanted to know if you have a specific DVD or exercises for my knee? If so I would love to order it."
C.B., Saratoga, California

"Hello - your site is the ONLY location I have been able to find willing to provide FREE water aerobic exercises! Most want you to job a gym or purchase something - I have just 'aquired' a salt water pool & would love to reap the benefits of water aerobics! Thank you again."
C.B., Hopewell, Virginia

"Dear Watergym, I just wanted to send an email to tell you thank you - I just used your water belt and I loved it! For the past two months I have been battling a sudden severe onset of Rhuematoid Arthritis that froze my entire body. I am a 30 year old mother of 2 toddlers and prior to the RA I was running 3x a week, 3-5 miles each time. To say the least I was devastated the morning that the RA hit - I could not move out of the bed - my husband had to carry me to the ER, hospital stays, and countless doctor visits. Being hit with such a dibiliating illness certainly interrupted my life, but thanks to my medicine I'm slowly building back my strength and learning how to exercise again with my new body. I don't really enjoy swimming for exercise, I prefer running but no longer can w/ the RA, which is why I tried your product - Today was the first day I
felt like my old self again, I was able to run in the water thanks to your belt! I am so happy! Just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful product! I LOVE IT :)"
D.U., Ohio

"I have just started incorporating water aerobics to my exercise routine. Wouldn't it be great if my gym had a large screen to project your video. We have classes at the gym, but your videos are AWESOME."
D.L., Princeton, New Jersey

"Hey Susanne!
My name is D.R. and I teach water aerobics at a gym here in Knoxville, TN. I ordered the weight loss & strengthening program, viewed it a few times and incorporated the exercises in my classes. I just loved hearing from the tough guys they thought water classes were easy - ha!"
D.R., Knoxville, Tennessee

"I am so happy I have found your website. I recently installed an Endless Pool in my home. I am handicapped with horrible arthritis and swimming is the only exercise I can do. The Endless pool website sells your dvd."
E.F., Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania

"Good day!!! I am a swimming coach here in manila since 2000... I really enjoyed watching the slide show... how could I order the dvd and the other materials? And if you are conducting training or seminar iam willing to attend... thank you so much and more power to all of you.... GOD BLESS!!!!!"
E.N., Manila, Philippines

"I already have the video - and it is terrific. I want to enter the contest."
J.S., Media, Pennsylvania

"Just wanted to THANK you for being willing to send my new belt and DVD's to Mexico! So many people won't do international shipping and I really appreciate it. The box just came in perfect order and I can't wait to get into the pool to try it all!"
J.S., Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

"Finally had time to sit down and watch your video and it is an excellent product -- beautiful photography especially the underwater shots (your water dance is just too cool) and easy to follow directions for the consumer at home. Way to go girl"
J.S. Florida

"I'm not quite ready for an advanced CD and I love the current watergym workout, the instructions and the music. I work out each morning at 10 am and invite any gals living on our lake to join. very fun. I guess in a 2nd one, I would like to see more of a 'dance feel', kind of like exercise 12."
K.V., Mount Vernon, Washington

"My daughter is giving me the DVD, CD and waterproof standup chart for my 60th birthday. She is doing water aerobics in Anchorage, AK, to help with her lympdema (from a mastectomy at age 26) and for weight loss -- to be healthy again after all the chemo and radiation. We are both excited about the possibilities."
K.D., Kenai, Alaska

"I have the WaterGym flotation belt and CD/DVD kit. It's great! I love the workout, but it would be nice to have additional exercises and music to vary the routine. Or even just the exercises to do to my own music. Also tips for people who have a pool without a 'deep end' (mine is one depth, neck-deep). Best wishes, and keep up the good work."
K.C., El Esterito, Mexico

"I love your work-out and lost 20KG last year and feel so much more fitter. Will you be making another dvd for variety thanks Katrina"
K.S., Edens Landing, Ausralia

"Thank you, I am enjoying the DVD and exercises as are my clients."
K.C., Ohio

"I ordered your water belt last year and love it. I'm glad to see the videos on DVD, and have ordered them."
K.R., Sandy, Utah

"I have purchased Volume #1 WaterGym, and absolutely love it. Have there been or will there be any other volumes out that I could purchase and add to my library. I am a very passionate aquasize instructor in Calgary Alberta Canada, and am always looking for new and exciting things to bring to my participants. Please let me know of any new videos on the market for purchase. Thank you."
K.B., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Susanne ~ I wanted to thank you for your personal phone call & voice message today regarding the missing WATERGYM DVD from my recent order. Right after receiving your call, I received a call from your distributor assuring me that the rest of my order was on its way. That’s great customer service and I do appreciate it. I realize mistakes can happen. I make them too in my job. But what matters is how quickly they get rectified. And your company came through. I’ve been so excited about receiving it to get started, that when I opened the box and only found the belt, I was a bit disappointed. But after your phone call today, I know I’ll have it in a few days.  Again, thank you for your great customer service. I’ll certainly recommend you to my friends."
L.D., Jacksonville, Florida

"I love your DVD. I think it's one of the best I've ever seen, ever, You did a fabulous job. "
M.S., Mill Valley, California

"I'm really enjoying watchingyour wonderful DVD. The USCB pools here are amazing. If you ever wanted to start up your Watergym here and certify instructors for the area, I'm sure you would have no problem. People love the water here big time."
M.H., Santa Barbara, California

"Suzanne, Now that I've returned to work finding a class was problematic; but I've solved the problem thanks to your CD. I have a H2O man and downloaded your CD onto that and now follow your workout anytime I can get pool time. Thanks so much! Loved the "Best of the Bay" segment."
N.B., San Rafael, California

"I am an acuatic instructor (5 years now) purchased your cd and dvd, loved it!!!!!! Thank you for such a great job. I have been able to improve my classes and my class participants are greatful. The music is great. Will you be putting out more music?"
N.G., Willingboro, New Jersey

"I was wondering if there was a Volume 2, I have the set and really enjoy it, several of us have being doing it 2-3 times a week at the Sr Aquatic Ctr and love it, including our instructor. Thank you for your reply about the music, and thanks for the Water Gym, it is really helping me a lot, I feel a lot better, looking forward to more videos."
S.A., Cartersville, Georgia

"Dear Suzanne, Horray!!!!! I am really excited about being able to get one of your belts. I only need one right now, but I'm sure that when other people see mine, you'll get more requests. I live in Northern Alberta. I can't wait to get going. I am also really interested in your Water Gym audio and video tapes. Right now I do my water exercises on my own, and I'd love some variations and instructions."
S.M., Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

"Just went through your introduction information and liked what I saw very much."
S.K., Somerset, Pennsylvania

"Love all the videos....do you have any using the noodle??"
S.M., Abilene, Kansas

"I wanted you to know that I attended the IAFC 2008 in Orlando.
I saw your WaterGym DVD available for purchase, that I already have.
I told everyone that I ran into that this is the best DVD in the world.
I love it. Hope you sold a lot of them."
S.T., The Villages, Florida

"Hi Susanne, First let me tell you how much I am enjoying your video. It is the BEST! I have a problem, I have misplaced my music portion of the video I ordered, and I am wondering if you sell it seperately, or how I can obtain another copy. I really love it and if needed, I will just have to purchase the entire set again."
T.S., Elk Grove Villa, Illinois

"We all benefit from working with you. You are very professional, attentive, and responsible to the students. Everyone is saying marvelous things about you and WaterGym! Thanks a million!!!"
A.C., Olympic Gold Medalist, San Rafael, California

"In the work I do as a consulting psychologist in organizations, and I work with executives who are in transition, I highly recommend WaterGym because it really helps people get through the stress and the strain that transitions sometimes provide for people, and helps gives them a fresh new attitute to start their day."
Dr. P.M., Author, Mill Valley, California

"WaterGym provides a total workout that is tailored to a range of individual goals. I personally have gained remarkably in strength and flexibility since joining the class, and feel better than I have in years. I feel that this is the finest fitness workout offered at your club since I joined in 1970."
M.E., Belvedere, California

“It is good to hear from you and I do miss WaterGym enormously! No other deep water program comes close and I need all the challenge I can get. But I will return each time I am in the area, and look forward to seeing every one again.”
C.P., Washington, DC

"I ran cross country competitively for eight years, and my body broke down continuously, I had chronic pain in my feet, legs, and knees. When I was five months pregnant I started your workout. It was really wonderful, even on the delivery table I was telling my doctor how great it was, and I swear it made my delivery easier. As a working mother I can only fit in one workout a week now, but I feel that it really makes a difference for me, and I'm getting in great shape."
S.P., Greebrae, California

"I am forever grateful for the benefits from WaterGym. On January 11, 1994 I feel and received a brachial plexopathy. This meant that all of the nerves from my shoulder to the tips of my fingers were, they thought, totally damaged. My rotator cuff was torn, my biceps was torn, and another muscle of which I can't remember the name. Three doctors told me that I would never recover the use of my arm and hand. Then I was told maybe I could in 4 years, then 2 years, and then possibly the shortest time was a year and a half. Ever since January I have been receiving hand therapy twice a week, and I have worked three hours a week in WaterGym since July (2 1/2 months ago).When I first entered the class I could barely lift my arm over my shoulder. I can now do the full aerobics class almost at full speed, and best of all, I can now place the arm above my shoulder, and I can place the arm behind my back. Bravo and thank you!"
R.S., Tiburon, California

"Since I began the class in my third month of pregnancy, it has been my only form of regular exercise. It offer benefits unlike any other exercise options including my previous number one choice, lap swimming. The buoyant weightlessness I felt during each class is something every pregnant woman should enjoy-especially in their later months of pregnancy. My muscle tone was excellent throughout my pregnancy and my body has really bounced back into shape since the baby...it is like I got the benefits of a tough workout without ever feeling the pain of one. I also felt that each class was a special time for me and my baby. The water, music and movement let me feel really in tune with the little person floating around inside of me. I don't know if there's a correlation, but now that she's here and 7 weeks old, she's definitely a water baby!"
R.N., California

"WaterGym has been a saving grace for me. I began running when I was 28. I ran for ten years daily, alternating between 4 to 9 miles. I always enjoyed the workout and benefited from the stress reduction as well. I learned it was important for me to be very active physically. Almost two years ago, I injured my back lifting my son out of the car; herniating my L5-S1 disc. I recovered enough to not require surgery and I have developed proper body mechanics and back strengthening exercises as part of my daily routine. However, I truly missed an aerobic conditioning and toning workout. I discovered WaterGym and found an answer to my quest for a safe class for my back that would also help me strengthen my back. I remember very clearly that I actually reduced most of the numbness in my leg and sciatic pain in those first few classes. I was a convert! Though I originally felt this type of class was for people that were rehabilitating; this class is far from it. I get an incredible workout! The continual resistance I get in the water makes this workout always a challenge. Thank you!"
K.K., Kentfield, California

"Being 45 years old, I've spent a lifetime exercising. I've played basketball, racquetball, football, I've done land high impact aerobics, low impact aerobics and other forms of water aerobics. I have found WaterGym to be the best all around form of exercise of all of them. The benefits for me are an absolute maximum cardiovascular workout, and a full body muscular toning workout, without any of the costs of pain that I use to get from any other form of exercise."
J.S., M.D., San Anselmo, California

"For most of my adult life I've had lower back pain, and I've never been able to have an exercise that would completely take care of it. Ever since I've started WaterGym my lower back pains have gone. It all began by strengtheing all of my abdominal muscles and really working in a very controlled way, and by the time I am done with the workout the muscles in my body feel completely balanced."
D.C., Ph.D., author, speaker, Sausalito, California

"I am a physician, and I've had a chronic back condition for a long time. Of all the things I'm doing right now, the WaterGym program is the most important. It's given me a tremendous amount of flexibility, it's given me strength, and I'm able to do everything I want from tennis to skiing, you name it. It's really the number one thing on my list in terms of keeping my body in shape and keeping my spirit in shape to."
G.J., M.D., author, speaker, Sausalito, California

"My body changed after working out with WaterGym. Instead of having the thighs that I had, they were much more trimmed down, as well as my hips. And my stomach and abdominals were much tighter and buttocks.
My arms had such great form, I was getting compliments from everyone. It's also beneficial in respect to my personal experience of running Bay to Breakers. I hadn't been running, but part of WaterGym is running in the water and I found that I was able to do the Bay to Breakers without having ran for a couple of years. I was able to finish without walking at all, and I didn't feel sore because I had been working all of my muscles in the water. It's the best way to start my day that I can think of!"
K.L., Tiburon, California

"The WaterGym program is something that you feel like you can't live without. You get addicted to it! At first I said I'm not going to get up that early and go, because we get up really early for these classes, but once I started I just couldn't imagine not doing it. And everybody that I talk to has the same feeling about it."
G.D., author, Tiburon, California

"I am 19 years old and want my friends to come to see what a great workout this is!"
A.D., pro skier, California

"I have truly enjoyed every class for the last three years."
M.D., California

"Since starting WaterGym, I feel better, my joints do not hurt, and I have lost over 2 inches per thigh."
S.H, Novato, California

"I consider Susanne one of the finest instructors available. Her knowledge and forte in the fitness industry has greatly enhanced our program in many ways. She has incorporated many aspects of physiology and dance into a working methodology for the water program, and her ability to educate, motivate and instruct a safe and effective class is superb!"
S.A., Health Club Director, Santa Cruz, California

"As teaching tennis pro actively playing in National tennis tournaments, I use WaterGym as my cross training workout. It increases my flexibility and conditioning and is an hour I focus on my own fitness. It recharges my internal and emotional batteries! I love it!”
A.Z., San Rafael, California

"I have taken water aerobic classes at many spas and hotels, as I travel frequently. This includes the Santa Barbara Biltmore, Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach, Quail Lodge, among others. Nowhere have I had a water class as well taught as the one we have here with WaterGym."
J.T., Tiburon, California

"WaterGym is without a doubt one of the best programs your club has going for it to be able to reach such a diverse group and have so many benefits from it."
K.L., Tiburon,California

"WaterGym is a very important part of my fitness routine."
K.M., California

"I am delighted to be able to have such an outstanding class right in our own pool. And you have accomplished a wonderful and powerful tool for a tremendous water workout. Those of us who have been with you for 15-20 years have benefited beyond expectations. I am healthier and certainly stronger because of this wonderful water workout that you have created."
J.K., Tiburon, California

"Great class today, can't TELL you how good it felt on my back, just a miracle, really solves a lot of problems, I think also that WaterGym gives you a better workout, in far less time, than a stretch or yoga class.”
S.V., San Francisco, California

"This form of exercise enables those who cannot take additional skeletal stress to get an excellent cardiovascular workout."
D.R., California

"WaterGym is the best prescription for a total workout. As a pregnant woman, I can continue to strengthen, tone and get an aerobic workout without worrying about injury or harm to my unborn baby. The workout makes me feel energized and aids in a peaceful night's rest. I plan to continue the class after the baby is born."
D. W., Mill Valley, California

"I've been taking WaterGym for about six months now and find it to be an excellent program. I am one of those uptight lawyers that needs a little relaxation and this is a great way to do it. It's non-impact, I feel exhilarated and thoroughly exercised but I don't have any joint problems or any aches or pains or anything like the kind I get with impact exercise including regular aerobics. I would recommend it for anyone, young or old. You can do it at your own pace, for as long as you want. I can't say enough to recommend it."
M.K, Belvedere, California

“WaterGym provides me with a great workout physically while I stretch in gravity-free. I find I'm much more limber in the water than I would ever be on a gym floor.”
S.P., San Anselmo, California

"I love that you invented an exercise that has changed my life – Namaste, my friend!”
A.P., Novato, California

“I am grateful to you every time I go to the WaterGym!!!! LOVE IT and it seems to be the best thing for my poor little hands and the rest of me, mind and body... thank you!!!!”
V.S., Mill Valley, California

“Great class this morning! I actually woke up this morning and was so tired - I really debated whether I was going to go to swim class, and then I remembered that someone said you'd be teaching today, so I dragged myself there. Good decision, because once I was in the pool and you got started with us, I had a resurgence of energy and enthusiasm, and ended up having a really strenuous, rewarding workout - and it seemed to last me the entire day! You really do have such a great energy and commanding spirit that fills up the room --- and it results in lifting everybody else up as well! There were lots of comments in the locker room about how great a class it was today, and how much everyone enjoys the days when you are there guiding us. Thanks for all the heart and soul you put into your classes...I am so looking forward to my upcoming Thursday workouts! See you soon.”
L.K., Sausalito, California

"WaterGym is wonderful! I just started taking it seven weeks ago, and since then I have lost 12 pounds. After spending 20 years long distance running and cycling, I can"t say enough good things about your class for two reasons. First, it works my whole body, something that running and cycling don't. Second, I can really go for it and I am never sore the next day. Having responsibilities like kids makes the latter really important. Thanks for all of your dedication and enthusiasm. It really comes across and we really appreciate it."
E. C., San Rafael, California

"You guys are doing a great job!!!"
A.C., Saint George, Utah

"I absolutely love it. It is excellent dear friend."
A.A., Tiburon, CA

"I am a Pilates instructor and also love water aerobics. Thanks for your excellent info."
C.R., Chevy Chase, Maryland

"I've never been to this site but I recently moved in a home with a pool and am wanting to start water aerobics on my own. I just think its wonderful that you are willing to give this info free of charge...thanks ever so much."
C.P., Odessa, Texas

"Hello. I received your products in the mail and absolutely love them. I would like more info on how to become and instructor! I am a Registered Nurse and think this is an excellent form of exercise."
C.W., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"I have a few students who are very interested...they would like to have some more details regarding the training..."
C.G., Kentfield, California

"Dear Susanne - I enjoyed Sunday's workshop but because I had to leave early, I was unable to hand in the evaluation. I would like to give you some feedback. I learned a number of new things and I liked your example showing how fat and lean muscle mass burn calories. You and your assistant were outstanding on the deck and you drove home the points about precision in moves and the importance of drag. Your cues were nonstop but easy for me to follow. I realize now that most of our students at our club are probably not getting maximum benefit out of our classes"
C.B., San Francisco, California

"I wish we had a gym like this in my area. I have been looking for somewhere that has deep water aerobics. We have a Physical Therapy center that offers water aerobics, but in shallow end. No belt needed or use of weights. Bring a gym here!"
C.D., Apple Valley, California

"I love water aerobics and find your web site very informative. Thank you."
C.T., Rockingham, North Carolina

"I have been doing water aerobics for twenty years, I now have knee injuries that require surgery but I want to learn more and possibly teach strengthening routines. I love your website!"
C.N., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

D.H., Siesta Key Island, Florida

"What a great website... I love it!"
D.W., Columbus, Ohio

"I think you services are excellent..THANK YOU!"
Dawn, Mandeni, South Africa

"Thanks for the quick reply and info to download. I'm a new instructor, but a swimmer forever and always been very active w/ water and all its benefits. I'm sure as time goes by I'll gain a lot of good insight from your materials THANKS!!."
D.J., Indianapolis, Indiana

"I have been water training for 2 weeks and love it! I need more info and hope to be a teacher of water workouts soon."
D.W., Roanoke, Virginia

D.L., Cary, North Carolina

"I enjoyed your website and the information provided. I have just joined a water aerbic class and found the information on your website very valuable."
D.J., Walton, New York

"Thank you for everthing else you do offer! You are a great help."
E.C., Cicero, Illinois

"I loved visiting your site and seeing these awesome video-workouts! 
I am an AEA-instructor for 11 years now and very interested in your programs"
E.R., CuraYao, Netherlands

"Great site, thanks for the tips!!."
Erin, Orane Park, Florida

"I would love to learn how to teach this class! We have very poor aqua aerobic options up north where I am from. I am visiting my mom here in Belvedere and took a class this morning from Nan. It was GREAT! Can you come train some folks 'behind the redwood curtain'? We are near Eureka."
E.M., Mckinleyville, California

"Hi Susanne! Just loved your workshop on Sunday. Thanks so much. I've already started some of my people on the monitor. So, of course, having only 1 is a mistake. I also want to thank you for for allowing us to use the forms you'd made up for calculating the zones. I look forward to when you do another workshop sometime."
F.S., San Ramon, California

"Hello, I bought WaterGym last summer and absolutely loved it! Unfortunately my husband took my CD out of the outside CD player, and didn’t watch our dog who decided it must be a frisbee. Needless to say the CD (the one the music) was destroyed. Please send me another."
G.M., Navarre, Florida

"I am new to your site and was checking out your workouts. I work out 2 times a week in the water for 4 years now...love it."
G.M., Spring City, Pennsylvania

"This is the excellent site for a physical education professional as well as a swimmer. I want to know more about water based aerobic exercise. Thank you"
Indu, Chennai, India

"I really like your site, it's educational and informative."
J.D., Welcome, North Carolina

"Susanne, Thank you so much! Thanks for all your hard work and intelligence and warm heart-- all needed to get this great exercise program to so many of us."
J.H., San Francisco, California

"I placed an order with WaterGym today for a new belt, DVD, CD and chart. Your program looks very exciting. I am currently teaching water aerobics at a YMCA here in the suburban Philadelphia area. I plan to incorporate some of your moves into my class because we need a more intense workout. If you're ever in this area conducting training, please contact me. Thank you."
J.M., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I am completely impressed with your company (esp. catching that high priced shipping charge-it's common sense that I wouldn't want to pay that but most places would just go through with what I ordered) and what a treat that I learned some new exercises from that fabulous video I watched while ordering. I told my whole group on Monday to go on the web site and view (and potentially buy too). It's very hard to find water workout videos that actually show people working hard. Your style was very similar to the way we work."
J.P., Natick, Massachusetts

"Everything here is amazing and I can harldy wait to get started. Thank yoo so so much"
J.R., Ottwa, Ottawa, Canada

"Hi Susanne, I just spent about 45 minutes cruising around your website, wishing I was in the water right now! You are so awesome, you are the definition of awesome. The clarity and beauty of what you have on your website is incredible. I am so impressed by what you have done with your work and with your website. I am going to order a Watergym belt tomorrow and get on down to our local pool and get this almost 52 year old body stronger and more limber than I have been in years. I figure that even if I don't have you here in Bend, I can buy a belt and keep watching the wonderful videos and get into the pool and do some basics. It's time for me to strengthen up!"
J.P., Bend, Oregon

"I got your chart on talking and heart rate. It went over well ! Good work!!"
J.B., San Clemente, California

"Thank you Suzanne for the free exercises and the Free Target Heart Rate Chart. I look forward to seeing other items from you this year."
J.E., Red Bluff, California

"I have been water aerobics instructor for 4 years in five stars Hotels. I got your address through the internet and would like to share ideas with you, and if possible to study more about water aerobics through you. I'm really interested in your style and hope you can also send me the dvd or cd."
J.K., Karlstad, Sweden

"With all the multitude of things you are doing, you find time to always be so thoughtful. Thank you for the surprise DVD. It was some time ago that we were in the water doing the routine and someone was filming .....this brought back many fond memories. Well, you have accomplished a wonderful and powerful tool for a tremendous water workout. Those of us who have been with you for 15-20 years have benefited beyond expectations. Now that I am 70, I feel I am healthier and certainly stronger because of this wonderful water workout that you have created. I look forward to continuing this program even as they take me up somewhere in the clouds......look for the water gym cap. May you continue to be happy and keep smiling......"
J.K., Tiburon, California

"Thank you for the information. It will help me and my body... including my mind!"
J.B., Phoenix, Arizona

"The charts are great. I saw you are offering a water proofed version. Is it poster sized? I would respectfully request that you make it larger so my participants can read it without the aid of their reading glasses when in the pool area. I have been looking for something like this and glad you took the time to develop it."
J.S., Dublin, Ohio

"Susanne, I am so thankful to have found you on line. I live in a remote neighborhood with a few other lady neighbors and we have a wonderful pool in our neighborhood. Recently we had a newcomer to our neighborhood that started us all in a water aerobics classes but now she is suddenly leaving us. It is important to me that we keep this up. It has helped me lose thirty pounds and I am very excited and renewed. Most of us are in our 50's and I can't think of a better tool to use than the water."
J.B., Huntsville, Texas

"All I found your web site and I'm very happy about this I can't wait!"
J.A., Taylor, Texas

"Just loved your intro video! I am getting back into water workouts as I have clients that just can't so land without pain anymore. I am a personal trainer. Thanks again!."
J.H., Swansea, Illionis

"Hello. My name is K.N. and I am very interested in being trained. I sustained a back injury that prohibits me from traditional exercises but I have had a lot of good results with water aerobics. I tried a couple of the exercises that are on your site and I LOVED them. I currently attend water aerobics at the local Y but it does not come anywhere near the exercises that you teach. "
K.H., San Bernardino, California

"I have the WaterGym flotation belt and CD/DVD kit. It's great! I love the workout, but it would be nice to have additional exercises and music to vary the routine. Or even just the exercises to do to my own music. Also tips for people who have a pool without a 'deep end' (mine is one depth, neck-deep). Best wishes, and keep up the good work."
K.C., El Esterito, Mexico

"I am very intersted in water aerobics - enjoy your website. I want to order the water belt & weights."
K.B., Fayetteville, Georgia

"Hi Suzanne, I just read an Ironman update saying that Tim DeBoon has withdrawn. His manager was quoted as saying his stress fracture will be basically healed by the time of the race "even with all the water running in the world, he won't be ready". He is so wrong. I think it is just what he needs, his loss for not finding out. Thanks so much for your great product, I was in early this morning and had a great workout!."
K.W., Mill Valley, California

"I am taking my belt to Maui and will introduce the winter group to your program. I LOVE water gym!!!!!"
K.W., Tiburon, California

"HI Folks, I absolutely LOVE water-exercises! It was such a chore to go to the gym and do the conventional  work out when watersizes is so much more fun and you don’t realize you are sweating ( ugh,ugh)."
K.W., Dacula, Georgia

"Hi Susanne; I am very excited about starting your program. There is an indoor swimming pool at my place of employment so I have no excuses but to do your program all year round. One of my co-workers put me onto your web site and we both are going to start your excerise program. Just be ready, we may have a lot of questions for you. I look forward to getting your new exercises and working my way into better shape. THANK YOU!"
K.B., Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

"Love the exercises - keep them comming."
K.T., Indianapolis, Indiana

"Hello, I am intersted in finding out more about your training sessions. I live in SW Michigan so would be interested in anything you offer in the midwest. I love your website and am going to purchase one of your videos."
K.L., Portage, Michigan

"Love the watergym site. I do water aerobics 3-5 times a week and am also addicted to it."
Kiki, Alma, Michigan

"I would love to be on the newsletter. Thanks and I hope to meet you sometime soon. I've heard fabulous things about your teaching. I love the teachers I've had as well. WaterGym is wonderful. I am going to order a belt this week"
K.S., San Rafael, California

"Love WaterGym!"
K.D., North Berwick, Maine

"Hello! I was a competitive swimmer for most of my life and really think your Water Gym is a tremendous program. I would love to become a teacher and be able to offer it here at my gym as an alternative for people who are trying to minimize the impact on their joints but still achieve a fun, intense and effective workout. Is there a training in the Washington, DC area that I might attend? Or perhaps I could train long distance, via video or elearning? I would also be interested in becoming a trainer in this area of the country for other teachers eventually. Please let me know if there are any possibilities available. Thank you!"
K.Z., Rockville, Maryland

"I am just beginning research on this type of exercise. I currently teach swimming to children and someone asked me about water aerobics. Wow, I'm intrigued!"
L.L., Roanoke, Alabama

"I go to the ymca for water aerobic class and our teacher suggested we check out your web site to help motivate us. This is a great site with lots of info."
L.J., Staten Island, New York

"Hi Susanne, What a lovely surprise to get the charts - I must admit that I had given up on them but as a retired nurse turned Diversional Therapist they will be helpful both at work and personally."
L.A., Tooradin, Australia

"I LOVE this exercise- finally exercise that I look forward to doing! I've been telling everybody about it and sending them to your website."
L.H., San Anselmo, California

"I'm just getting started with exercising in my pool. So far I'm just doing laps and then I decided to use the internet to give more ideas and to my surpise there were a few sites to include this one that I just love."
L.L., Hesperia, California

" If anyone ever doubts the effect of deep water exercise I want them to meet my friend Gloria who has, in two years, gone from 501lbs to 175. It is the best gym in the world."
L.M., Wilmington, North Carolina

"I've just gotten solar for my pool so am just getting started. Your offer looks like a good way to do that. Some of your products look great."
L.S., Los Altos, California

"This website is great!"
M.C., Rehovot, Israel

"Anything new...very interesting stuff...keep up the good work!"
M.B., Rush, New York

"I think of you and Water Gym a ton! You are a rare gem! I only hope the best for you.I so miss having Water Gym in my life. I felt so good and healthy when I had my Water Gym. No other water aerobics compares! I need to find a way to come to a class sooner than later."
M.M., Granite Bay, Califiornia

"Thank you, Suzanne! This is a great reminder to make sure I am working out at the correct level. Many of our public pools are closed during the holiday season for maintenance in Southern California. I can hardly wait to get back in the water! I grew up as a pool rat and have enjoyed water aerobics for many years. I love your web site!"
M.T., Santa Monica, California

"So glad to find this web site and the products that you are offering, the water aerobics class that I used to attend for almost 4 years is not longer available and I would like to continue in my own pool."
M.G., Peachtree City, GA

"Aloha Susanne, love the updates to your website!! I need more than 10 belts...what volume pricing do you offer? Thanks and dad is still using his belt! Thanks!"
M.R., Beverly Hills, California

"I am interested in your trainning/choregraphy. Please let me know when your programs are completed."
M.O., Pembroke Pines, Florida

"This is my initial experience of finding you, and I am very impressed. I am interested in learning everything I can about WaterGym."
M.M., Yuba City, California

"It is great to be back in class. For some reason I have a better understanding of working *hard* with each movement. Maybe it is the colder water in the big pool on Wednesdays. Anyway, thanks for being the best instructor in the world. You really keep me focused and able to make the most of the time in the water. Much appreciated."
N.R., Tiburon, California

"Thanks so much for offering the free water aerobics exercise poster. I am working with a developmentally disabled woman who is going to use the pool at our hospital for exercise to lose weight. She is going to come with her aide. Having the visual reference a poster provides will be very helpful."
N.K., Missoula, Montana

"I have coached swim team, taught swim lessons both group & private lessons, now a personal trainer. I was excited to see your site. I look forward to learning more!"
N.J., Hannibal, Missouri

"Love the products you offer."
N.S., Morristown, New Jersey

"I teach in a therapeutic pool. Some of my class participants are unable to do intense cardio due to hypertension. But your website is great and looks compelling. I do have a few participants who are looking for weight loss."
P.A., Little Rock, Arkansas

"Tried the water gym for the first time today and enjoyed it, I am 76 with hip problems and it allowed me to exercize easily."
P.M., Magalia, California

"Good morning Susanne, I just wanted to say hi and tell how much Mimi and I are loving going to Watergym together. We have been going to Lisa's class in San Rafael on Saturday. It's working out just great as a place for Mimi to learn how to do Watergym. Lisa is marvelous. She is so good at teaching and we both like her alot. I hope you are doing well -your website looks great. I'm so glad you had the good idea of Watergym - it is one of my favorite things to do.."
P.M., Tiburon, California

"I am very astonished to find someone who is willing to send free videos/guides to help people get into shape. What a wonderful gift you are giving to help people get healthier and feel better health wise and about themselves. Thank you!"
R.B., Trinidad, Texas

"Susanne, i just finished the workout for the first time and LOVE IT. Could I do this workout everyday? ."
R.S., Thomson, Georgia

"If any of your instructors move down south, pls let me know. I am very impressed with what I saw of your program. Makes me wish my dad never got transfered. I was born in San Francisco & lived in Marin for my first 9 years. Small world. Hope your influence reaches down my way soon!"
R. W., Rancho Palos Verdes, California

"Hey, I would love to get into water workout. I can see that being my kind of exercise for life. But, as you can see, I'm on the east coast. Do you know of any place here where I can get started? Please help... Looking foward to hearing from you. "
R.H., New York, New York

"I use your volume 1 workout in a class that I teach and the response is great. the class is always full and there is waiting list for the next class that is offered"
R.S., Crosby, Minnesota

"Anything about the water excites me. I love learning combinations of mixing exercises to keep it exciting and to up lift the heart rate. Thank you for all the excitement. I love water exercises. I do not get into the pool enough but I will if I am connecting with you. "You came into my life and I am so happy." That is a great song and it fits."
S.N., New York, New York

"I am using your watergym workout and flotation belt. It's a great workout. I love the water!"
S.B., Westfield, New York

"Susanne--What a delightful "quick response"! Thank You--I look forward to receiving more information, particularly more exercise rouotines. I
have been teaching both shallow and deep water exercises for years and really need some new and stimulating routines--anything you can inform me with, I'll appreciate---We have been using more and more Water gym belts as the participants really like them. Do you have foot-ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs Let me know--Thank You!!!!!!!!"
S.K., Newport Beach, California

"Hi Susanne Thank you very much I am very Thankful for your support it helps to know that people do care if you can send me a dvd that would be great. we are in pretty good shape now but it doesn't hurt to get better. I'm almost 40 years old and run 2 miles in a little over 14 mins i dont thank thats to bad. I really do thank you "
Sgt. W.C., Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

"Suzanne, I just want to say thank you for those free videos. I'am a fitness instructor who also teaches water. My VCR broke and those were the only tapes I had for my classes.And I was looking for something new! And, now that I have seen your web site I know I have access to some really good information and also a place to order some DVD's. Good nite and talk to you soon."

S.H., San Marcos, California

"I'm excited. This looks like the workout I've been looking for :)"
Sue, Ham Lake, Minnesota

"My students and I are fans of Water Gym & many have purchased belts which are so comfortable! Please send me info on your e-book when it is available. It's a hot topic & my students have many questions about it. "
S.K., Hayward, California

"Your program is by far the best that I have ever seen.......we need you in Tampa!! I would love to take the training, and meet anyone in the area that knows your program. There is a new junior olympic heated pool that just opened, and they are looking for a good program."
S.W., Tampa, Florida

"Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your website and the information that is provided! I normaly do not purchase items the first time I view it, but since I got so much information for free already from your site, I am looking forward to getting the kit! Thanks for the website! Great Job!"
S.C., Houston, Texas

Hi Susanne, My name is T., I am 49 years old and I live in a suburb of Chicago. I was born with club feet and have had many surgeries which have led to severe arthritis.  
My doctors told me that I should not use a treadmill, stair stepper or any kind of machine that I come down on my feet. I use to love to speed walk outside (of course when it was warm - it is 2 degrees right now), but eventually the doctors told me that walking on pavement continuously was not good for my feet. I was so disappointed because I have always tried to eat well and exercise.  About 2 years ago I decided to get into the water. I would follow the water classes at the health club but found that my feet would hurt terribly the next day. So I decided to get in the deep end of the pool and never let my feet touch the ground. I would swim a little, jog a little and so forth. As time went on I strapped a water belt on, got some water weights and put together my own workout. This time I put on thick water shoes because even the pounding through the water would hurt my bare feet. The thicker water shoes worked great. I came across your website and learned so much. I have been doing many of the exercises for about a year now. I absolutely love them. I feel like I am really getting a good workout. I do this 4 times a week. I never knew how to gage my heart rate until yesterday when I decided to go to your website again. Thank you so much for the charts. I will definitely use them. I look forward to learning more exercises to challenge me.Thank you so much for developing your website. I look forward to ,receiving e-mails from you in the future. God bless you."
T.B., Olympia Fields, Illinois

"Have lost 86 lbs. with healthier eating and deep water workout on my own 3 to 4 times/wk. Would like some new ideas to firm up and continue my journey."
T.N., Eagle Creek, Oregon

"I am 63. I ran 10k and 26 miles races in younger day. I also show dogs in agility. I had to go to PT for knee and found out my knee is 3 degree so PT decided to teach on how to use equipment and use water for my body. I just love it. Agility friends are starting to learn how water works for you. I just love it and want more and more information. I am like a sponge. I want to learn more. My dr.s are so happy on how much I have improved."
T.B., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Hi Suzanne! Boy do I miss your classes!!? No one in Tahoe (or anywhere else for that matter) holds a candle to you!? I am in the desert (La Quinta) now and have been taking some classes doing what you taught me, not what the teacher is doing.? Did you ever make a video?? I would love to get one to the head of the exercise program.? I don't how how you feel about that, or even if she'd want it.? Thought i would check. I miss you.? I think of those beautiful early mornings at TPC!"
T.T. and N.T., Ross, California

"Hello. I am fitness instructor, however I am new to water fitness and after participating in a class, I feel I need/want to learn everything that I possibly can. It is an awesome workout! Have a Fabulously Fit Day!."
Veda, North Las Vegas, Nevada

"WOW! When are you bringing watergym to Illinois!"
V.A., Wheeling, Illinois

"Thank you so much for keeping on top of that---what on AWESOME business you run- I do water areobics 5 days a week and love it. I have used some of your exercise. Thank you so much."
V.B., South Lake Tahoe, California

"THANKS for your work and expertise in putting this program together. It is WONDERFUL!"
K.P., Cedar City, Utah

"Dear Susanne, I thought that you might be interested to know that this morning I taught a WaterGym class in Doha, Qatar. Five young ladies showed up this morning and I think more will come tomorrow and thereafter until we leave on Friday to go to Oman.  Lisa visited your web site and is planning to order a bunch of stuff so that they can continue after we are gone as they got a much better workout than they normally get from their water aerobics class.  So your program is now established in the Middle East.  Last week I worked out in the Persian Gulf at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai and next week I'll introduce WaterGym to Oman."
W.H., Belvedere, California

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